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#1 2016-03-15 00:22:36

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X-Keys - Unicode broken after program install.

I use an XK-24 (which I absolutely love) to automate some of my work load.  I have passwords that change everyday for the devices I log into, and have multiple devices.  Everything worked beautifully in software mode up until I had to update some software my company uses.  Now it's broken.  My Xk-24 will work in hardware mode, but not in software.  It's as if the program is some blocking the unicode(?) from being inserted into the fields I use.  When I exit the program everything works again.  The idea of having to type in 26 alpha-numeric-symbolic upper and lower case passwords into the macro recorder times 10 on a daily basis is not going to be fun. Contacting my IT department is a no go because I use XK-24 solely on my own and as an augmentation, while approved by my company it is not supported. So I'm stuck.  Help please! :)


#2 2016-03-15 09:39:24

PIE Amber
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Re: X-Keys - Unicode broken after program install.

It sounds like your newly updated program may be running with elevated permissions ("as administrator"). It's a security feature of Windows that you're likely running up against. When Windows sees a command coming in from our software, which does not have elevated permissions normally, it blocks the input from going to an "administrator" program.

The fix for this is to run MacroWorks 3.1 "as administrator" as well. That usually solves the issue. Here's how to do that:

Right click on your desktop icon for MacroWorks 3.1 and choose "Properties."
Click to the Compatibility tab.
Near the bottom, check the box that says [ ] "Run this program as an administrator"
Click OK.
Reboot your computer.

Now, as a side effect MacroWorks 3.1 will no longer open automatically at boot up (another security feature of Windows), but it should be able to communicate with your software again once you manually start it up.

Amber from P.I. Engineering


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