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#1 2017-09-21 21:51:10

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about macroworks and jog wheel

Hello everybody, I am a new user with a XK-68 new user... And a complete noob into programming... :( I started to read documentation, but can´t figure out some things I want to do:

I´d like to know how to set it to work in adobe premiere  (scroll for shuttle, frame by frame on jog wheel, but I can´t make it work, i tried to jog using a simple arrow key... but cannot set it smoothly.... On the case of shuttle... I can´t realize how to program it so it goes faster as I increase the rotation of the shuttle...

Another thing... Is there a way to make the XK-68 lights are on only for keys that have assignments? (some keys for one app, another layout for another app)

Here comes somehing that is a bit more complicated... Could be possilbe when I switch applications.. the layout of the lights change on the keyboard?

Thanks in advance.


#2 2017-09-25 09:52:21

PIE Liam
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Re: about macroworks and jog wheel

Much of what you are looking to do does require a greater level of programming knowledge definitely not "noob" (I myself would also fall into this category) territory I'm afraid. However the first bit regarding the jog and shuttle is something we should be able to accomplish via the standard GUI, which shortcuts are you using? I don't use Adobe Premier but I did find this page of shortcuts https://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/us … ts-cc.html , are these the ones you are using? If you'd like to send me a copy of your script I be happy to load it into a unit here and make some changes that get you closer to what you're looking for. "File>Save a Copy" in the main window of MW3.1 and then attach the script file (.mw3 file extension) to me at tech@piengineering.com


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