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#1 2017-09-27 05:24:37

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hardware mode macroworks 3.1 - can't program a single click :(

dear all,

i am using an xkex80 and a foot pedal for color grading. as i switched to linux i need to use
hardware mode for programming. simple short-cuts work great, but i am not able to program a
mouse click.

when i try to do so nothing happens, except that the mouse button gets weird. even if i only program
mouse movement via functions the left mouse button acts weird after activating the button.

i am also not able to change the backlit of a button on the xkeys80 in hardware mode. nothing is

can anyone guide me? can you program mouse clicks in hardware mode? if yes, how?

thanks in advance


#2 2017-09-27 09:08:36

PIE Liam
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Re: hardware mode macroworks 3.1 - can't program a single click :(

Absolutely this can be done. As I have just done here in hardware mode press the switch you wish to program, when the Macro window opens up select the "Functions" then "Mouse" then "Mouse buttons" and double click the "Left Down-up" function to add it to the switch , then File>Write. Shutdown MW3.1 and unplug/plug the unit back into a USB port (to re-enumerate) for testing, it is working here for me.
In regard, to the lighting make sure to "Tools>Advanced>Disable Scripted back-lighting" before making any changes, otherwise the default settings will reassert themselves.


#3 2018-02-28 19:24:05

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Re: hardware mode macroworks 3.1 - can't program a single click :(

Seems like we're having the same issue of anytime the xkey60 tries to fire off a mouse click things go unresponsive.

Simple keystrokes work until a mouse click gets fired off.

Windows 10 during programming and ultimately going to Linux.  Have tried both end point modes.  Any ideas?


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