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#1 2017-10-09 10:47:11

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Read initial state of XK-3 switches?

I have the XK-3 USB Switch Interface device and am using Linux RHEL 6.5 with a kernel.

I have 2 switches connected to it that are working properly. However, I'm not able to read the status of the switches when my software connects to it. I only get messages when the switches switch. Therefore, I don't know which position the switches are in until I move one. I need to know their initial positions when my software starts.

I'm currently just communicating to the device via the C open() function. Per the Linux joystick.cc file, the device is supposed to send the status of the switches when I connect to it, but that does not appear to be happening.

I downloaded the pihid32-1.0.0 development kit, but it doesn't appear to support this device. I thought maybe this specific library would support what I need, instead of using the standard Linux libraries.

The device is currently configured as a "1224 | Keyboard | Mouse | PI Consumer" endpoint. Does that make a difference on how it behaves?

Any ideas, or if this is even possible.

Thanks in advance!


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