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#1 2016-05-14 13:37:19

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xKeys controller with vMix Software: PID Mode?


I am a long time user of xKeys products.  My most recent purchase was an xKeys 32 stick.  I do video production on software called vMix which states support for xKeys.  I believe the developer was in touch with someone about this issue but I thought I would ask here as well...

The particular unit (http://xkeys.com/xkeys/xkr32.php) needs some "extra" settings to be adjusted to work the way I need it too.  Originally I mapped numpad keys to my controller and then created shortcuts for actions inside vMix that linked to the numpad buttons programmed on my xKeys controller.  The problem with this is if I have a Modal dialog box open in vMix I can't input from the xkeys controller since it tries to send the input to the window.

The vMix developer said I need to set the PID correctly, and i think i have done this... But i would like some clarification.  It seems to me after restarting my PC the settings on the xKeys device are getting reset or reverting back to default.  Any help you could give me as far as how to set up the device to consistently restart in the same mode would be great.

I can get it working once, but upon restart it is no longer recognized.  I hope this makes sense and I do understand this is a very specific application, so I will help clarify things if needed.  Thanks in advance.



#2 2016-05-19 16:34:02

PIE Amber
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Re: xKeys controller with vMix Software: PID Mode?

Hi Chuck,

As far as we know, vMix directly integrates our hardware in -- which means you don't need to program it. Unfortunately, that probably does mean that if you DO program it by outside means, you're likely to get conflicting behavior.

Keyboard keystrokes only work in the in-focus window and that's not changeable; however, vMix should by default allow you to assign the buttons to actions without keystrokes needing to be a go-between. I'm not personally sure how this is accomplished (I haven't used the software myself), but I know that integration is something they have done.

As for the PID changing, we're not aware of any way the PID would be changed on reboot. Please let me know if you can verify this is happening. The PID is an ID number that refers to the device -- MacroWorks 3.1 can change it to a different mode if you tell it to, but you probably shouldn't need to at all. You can check the PID with our "Device Finder" program that comes with MW3.1.

I recommend first making sure you are in a PID that has "PI Consumer" on the Unit Data tab of MacroWorks 3.1 just in case something got messed up. Then unprogram our device (I believe there is a Factory Reset under Tools). Then uninstall our software entirely. It may just be fighting for control.

Amber from P.I. Engineering


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