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#1 2016-05-27 06:24:27

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X-Keys as direct joystick with buttons (solved)


I'm new to X-keys. Bought two and wanted to use them as "normal" buttons in Windows / Games.

If I go to Tool->Advanced->Endpoints/PID Changer and select 1028 Keyboard-Joystick-Mouse, then reboot W7 I can see
the device in Windows, but when I bring it up under properties I can see all the "buttons" but no one react when I press a key

Any thing I have missed ?


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#2 2016-05-31 08:17:14

PIE Amber
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Re: X-Keys as direct joystick with buttons (solved)

The part missing is programming the device to send joystick buttons. The keys by default are totally blank and so, even if the device reports itself as a joystick, the buttons will do nothing. Just as any macro or keystroke needs to be programmed, so do game controller buttons.

To program a game controller button:

1) Make sure MW3.1 is in hardware mode by going to Mode menu and choosing Hardware Resident Mode.
2) Open key for programming in MacroWorks 3.1 by double-clicking on it.
3) Click over to the "Function" tab. Click "Show Functions."
4) Under Game Controller, find Game Button and double-click on it.
5) Configure the game button in your main programming window. And about programming strategy:

You need to program every game button twice: once when it goes down, and once when it comes back up. This will be two individual functions you will add to your X-keys key.

The best way to program game buttons usually is to program in the top box (Press) for the game button of choice to go down. And then click into the bottom box (Release) and program for the game button of choice to come back up. This usually gives the best behavior.

Amber from P.I. Engineering


#3 2016-06-01 07:28:29

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Re: X-Keys as direct joystick with buttons (solved)


I was what I was looking for, works great !


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