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#1 2017-07-30 23:28:38

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Continously getting errors with software closing.

I am not sure what to post here. I just bought xkeys 24 and installed macroworks 3.1. I am getting fatal errors so many times. I am running windows 10 64bit.


#2 2017-07-31 07:23:24

PIE Amber
Technical Software Developer
From: Williamston, MI
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Re: Continously getting errors with software closing.

When do you get fatal errors? Is it after doing something, for example when initially opening the software, when clicking on something in particular, etc.?

Your error log would be helpful as well. Show hidden files/folders on your computer. Then go to C:\Users\YOURLOGINNAME\AppData\Local\PI Engineering\MacroWorks 3\. There will be an ErrorLog.txt file. Open it up and paste the last few entries here for us to look at.

Amber from P.I. Engineering


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