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#1 2017-12-02 13:46:28

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unicode programming

I don't think that this is an x keys problem per se, but would be interested to see if anyone else has noticed it.

I'm programming an XK-24, in hardware mode, to allow easy entry of the Hawaiian characters that don't appear on a US keyboard, namely  āĀēĒīĪōŌūŪʻ, both in the form of their HTML entities and also  their unicode codes. Once programmed I plug it into a box running Linux Mint, and all the keys that have the HTML entities stored output as expected.

But, (and I suspect this is an 'Ooopsie' in Linux Mint's handling of Unicode) Some of the unicode characters display correctly, and some of them add a CR.

At first I thought I must have hit CR twice when entering the unicode, but no, each key has just one CR down and up stored in that key.

I tried in several progs, specifically Gedit (code editor) , and Thunderbird (emailer) , and saw the same effect, further playing with and without CR to end the unicode sequence made me realize that Gedit and Thunderbird display some unicode characters only once the character sequence is terminated by a CR, and some display the character without the terminating CR being entered.

In theory(?) a unicode sequence is entered by:

Press ctrl-shift-u (to hop into unicode mode, the letter u with an underline appears), then for example if you want an a with a kahakō ( ā ) type 101 and hit CR. This results in the underlined u disappearing and an ā being inserted.

So for some characters I have stored the terminating CR and for others I have left it out. All characters now display correctly when the key is pressed, and the web page designer  it is programmed for is happy, Gave me an unhappy hour of head scratching though.


#2 2018-04-24 01:32:59

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Re: unicode programming

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