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Unusual issue with RailDriver using Open Rails (need help)

I have recently bought and tested Raildriver controller cab with Open Rails stable (last 1.2) and testing (X4081). After reading with attention the review of RailDriver on Open Rails website, and after calibrating several times the cab controller (an put the ModernCalibration file in MSTS main folder), I get some issues when I try to hard break (or emergency brake), or even quickly trottle, like for subways. The Framerate quickly drops from 60 fps (with adaptative vsync or 180 fps without vsync) to 12 fps, even after disabling adhesion factor (which causes wheelslipping). I have fully patched MSTS with update 1.4 and tried several routes and locos included with the vanilla version. I have attached a log with my config and the tested route (North-East corridor, USA1 with Amtrak Express). The problem similarly occurs on StAnton-Insbruck route with Gölsdorf...
However, the raildriver cab controller seems to be well calibrated because all levers run properly (I can trottle from 0 to 100% easily). But when I try to break or trottle quickly, the fps drops suddenly and I get stutterings. It is like the raildriver cannot synchronize with the speedometer of Open Rails. I have also disabled very graphic settings (antialiasing, anisotropic filtering, vsync...)
Lastly if I unplug the controller cab, the framerate does not drop anymore. I don't know where is the cause. I suspect either windows 10, Open Rails bug, or bad driver... I have sent an email to PI Engineering to explain the problem but not answer for the moment. I don't want to call them because it could be expensive as I live in France. But I will do that if necessary.

I have let a post on Elvas Tower forum (to talk with Open Rails developers). According to one of them, it could be an hardware issue as I quote "The RailDriver is supposed to only send data to OR when something changes and it looks like the only thing that could slow down the frame rate is if the RailDriver sends data continuously. Maybe there is a hardware issue that is causing the data to bounce back and forth between two values. I don't know if there is anything that can be done about it". And I should say that it is not very soothing and it is so unfortunate. I have supposed that it could be an electronical problem (by joking) and I might be right...  It annoys me to ship back to the retailer (Aerosoft in Germany, as I am in France) because I am not sure that the new hardware would run properly that next time...
The original topic is on this link (if you can read it) : http://www.elvastower.com/forums/index. … ntry234027

For information : I have the model n° RD-91-MDT-A with a manual sheet from 2014. I have downloaded the most recent calibration software but nothing change.

So, has somebody encountered this issue when using the RailDriver cab controller ? Would you have any solution to fix this issue ? I really need help to get a useful directions...

Best regards,
Etienne MAHE

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