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#1 2018-06-06 00:27:45

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Double Execution of bat file on key press

I have an old X-keys Pro USB that I never really used.  I purchased it many years ago, used it for a short time and then put it back in the box.  It's been sitting on the shelf for a while.

I pulled it out the other day to start automating some basic tasks such as opening particular Excel sheets, running specific bat files, etc.  Basically just trying to automate some things that I run every often or make things easier to access.

Right now I have an issue where I have a shortcut to a bat file on the system.  It starts the bat file, but it has been starting two instances of the bat file. Is there are way to make sure that only one instance is launched.

I have a type of "Shortcut" that points to "C:\apps\MSMoneyQuotes\MSMoneyQuotes.bat" on the "Release Macro Event".  Is there something I am missing?  Is there a way to make it only launch one instance on a key press?

I have a shortcut to winword on Button 1 on the "Press Macro Event" to make launching MS Word easier.  That starts two instances of MS Word as well.




#2 2018-06-06 08:31:00

PIE Liam
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Re: Double Execution of bat file on key press

How old is the unit? On the back label do you see "SE" , "MWII" or a list of programming instructions? If it is an "SE" or "MWII" go ahead and send up a copy of your script file , we'll load it into a machine here and see if we cannot duplicate the double firings, could be the way it was programmed. It's also possible that unit may be so old as to have a short? tech@piengineering.com


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