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#1 2017-02-05 14:55:57

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Setting Hardware mode for SE device from Windows 10

Just a tip for anyone wanting to program an older SE device from Win 10.

I was having an issue with my older XKeys Footpedal SE (XF-10-US)...

On my Win 10 Pro x64 box I was using the foot pedal in software mode with Macroworks 3.1, but it was preventing the system from automatically sleeping.

Since the hardware mode can only be programmed from Windows XP with "X-keys Macro Recorder", I installed Windows XP into a VMWare Player virtual machine and could successfully install & run Macro Recorder to configure the pedal in Hardware mode.


The "installation tutorial for the Macro Recorder" on this site perfectly described how to get the software installed.

I set up the USB controller in the guest XP box as USB 1.1 (not sure if this was required, but seemed sensible given it's a USB 1.1 device).

I needed to flick the switch under the pedal to Program mode... this is then recognized in XP as a different USB device.

I initially inadvertently left my XKeys Stick XK-16 plugged into the Host Win10 box at the same time as the foot pedal... initially this didn't cause an issue, but when I re-entered programming mode on the foot-pedal the 2nd time I was getting "device not found"... I had to fiddle around plugging/unplugging/rebooting/changing the programming switch to get it working again.

Next to the programming switch under the pedal are a green and a red LED... when I was getting the "device not found" issue I noticed both LEDs were on... other times it was either no LED or green LED only.

Is there any documentation on the purpose of the LEDS?



#2 2017-02-08 13:00:44

PIE Amber
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Re: Setting Hardware mode for SE device from Windows 10

>Is there any documentation on the purpose of the LEDS?

We don't have a ton of documentation left up for products this old (nearly twenty years now). That said, I happen to know that both LEDs on at plug time means the device is looking for a driver and has not found it.

The above information does not apply to newer products (particularly because the newer products do not require a special driver).

Amber from P.I. Engineering


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