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When you’re dealing with live audio and video transmission, speed and dependability are essential. X-keys to provide solutions that streamline broadcasting operations. Check out some of our user's examples below.

Here are a couple of examples graciously provided by WPSD of Kentucky.

Grass Valley Group K2 Video Server, 4 Channels

Grass Valley X-keys Integration

Grass Valley Group K2 Video Server, 4 channels. Grass Valley integrated the X-Keys control software/hardware into their NewsQPro playback software, allowing operators to navigate around the menus to control each of our 4 channels of video server playout for live newscast production.

The NewsQPro playlist system is automated, with tallies from our Kalypso switcher triggering Play, Stop and Cue Next commands for each channel, but if necessary, the operator can manually control the system using the X-Keys controller to Cue, Play, Stop or Cue the next clip using the assigned X-Keys buttons.

Integration with the Grass Valley system is tight, yet flexible, allowing the operator to assign any X-Keys button to any task within the menu. Usage of the X-Keys controller prevents the operator from having to use the cumbersome Mouse control during fast-paced live newscasts.


Chyron iSQ Playlist

Chyron X-keys Integration

Chyron iSQ playlist control over two channels of a single Chyron Duet HyperX graphics system. This X-Keys controller, bundled with Chyron's iSQ software, came pre-configured with some larger buttons for easier "no-look" operation.

Chyron's development of the iSQ playlist was a strong factor in our decision to purchase the Duet HyperX graphics system, and their integration of the X-Keys control panel makes navigation and execution of the playlist simple and reliable.

Do you have a unique way you have used your X-keys?