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Online Trading

X-keys offer fast, accurate input of commands and strings of numbers. This makes them ideal for the fast paced world of trading.

Adam Sheldon of Good Monkey, LLC.

Adam Sheldon is a Futures and Equities Trader specializing in Precious Metals. He places many hundreds or thousands of orders every day, and modifies or cancels these orders from his X-Keys keyboards.

“In financial markets, speed is crucial in order to capitalize on profit opportunities.  In order to be able to keep up with the markets, hotkeys are extremely useful in executing orders quickly and error-free.   However, not only is it important to have Hotkeys, but it is important for a trader to be able to keep his eyes on his monitors, while his hands navigate the keyboard."  

"With many other keyboards on the market, they give you an awkward layout with the programmable keys being above or to the left of the QWERTY section. Or their layouts are just otherwise difficult to use. One of the great things about the X-Keys 128 keyboard is its compact 8x16 layout - a perfect open slate to create a trading environment that can be intuitive to use and easy to move around."

"Out of 128 available spots on each of my three X-Keys 128 keyboards, I only have keys in about ½ the spots; the other ½ are blank key spacers, which are interspersed throughout the keyboard.  These spacers are very useful – they allow me to feel where I am on the keyboard without having to look down.  The high degree of customization possible with the X-Keys 128 is extremely helpful.  Aside from that, the accompanying macro software is very easy to use.  All in all a great product.“

Adam Sheldon
Manager, Bionic Trader Systems, LLC