XK-80/XK-60 Backlight Mask

Tilt Stand for 10x8 Enclosure

Tilt Stand for 4x6 Enclosure

  • Angles the X-keys for easy viewing and quick access
  • Fits X-keys using the 4x6 key size plastic case
  • Simply screws to the back of enclosure
  • Rubber feet for front to prevent sliding
  • Flips away for storage or normal horizontal use
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4x6 Tilt Stand is designed to give your X-keys a 45 degree angled tilt from the desk surface. These are compatible with the XK-24, XK-24 Black & White, XK-12 Joystick, XK-12 Jog & Shuttle, and Adaptive Joystick.

To install these, follow the directions here.