COVID-19 Important Update

Dear Customer,

Thank you for being a valued customer of P.I. Engineering, Inc. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to affect people and businesses worldwide, I wanted to personally reach out and share with you our commitment to leverage all resources to protect our employees, customers and operations during this time.

We are implementing many procedures to minimize exposure to our employees and our community in general. Where possible, some of our staff will work from home. In other cases we are creating work shifts with no overlap to minimize the number of people in close contact at our facilities during the day.  We will be minimizing visitors to our facilities and practicing other social distancing procedures.

Here at P.I. Engineering we have always placed the highest priority on customer service. Including fast and personal tech support, an easy to reach sales department and quick fulfillment of all orders.

Unfortunately, we may not be able to maintain this level of service. It is not because of a lack of desire or a change in company policy. It is simply a logistical problem. Many of our interactions with customers, suppliers, and our employers are just slower. In some cases, critical components are scarce world wide.  In other cases, we can not produce, pack or ship products as fast when practicing recommended social distancing procedures.

Communication with our company is best by email; we are also available by Skype. Our land line telephone will be limited as much of our staff will be off premises. We are working on alternatives to allow voice communication when needed. Again, if you initiate your communication with email, we will work with you to assure we can provide the best customer service that we have always been proud of.

I speak for everyone here at P.I. Engineering, Inc. that we take pride in being a valued supplier and are taking every action to minimize the impact this may have on your business.


Michael Hetherington