USB to DMX512 Control Transmitter - RJ45 Connector

USB to DMX512 Control Transmitter - RJ45 Connector

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Wirecast Key Kit for XKE-128

USB to DMX512 Control Transmitter - Screw Terminal Connector

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Interfaces the PC to head end of one DMX512 physical Universe. Allows software to send control values to DMX512 enabled devices and decoders. Designed for adding DMX512 output to software control systems using standard PI SDK (API) messages or Dot Net Component. Creates a simple, robust USB HID (no special Driver to install) hardware interface to allow developers access to a vast variety of DMX512 controlled devices. DMX512 protocol is used for controlling theater lighting but can be used to control many physical analog powered devices using readily available decoders.

  • USB connection to PC, using HID protocol
  • DMX512 timing and transmission from dedicated onboard micro processor
  • Universe ID retained in device for simple connection and multi-Universe Designs
  • RJ45 connection to DMX512 bus
  • Screw terminal connection to DMX512 bus
  • Six x 2 switch ports (3.5 mm TRS, 8 switches) for X-keys type switch input