X-keys L-Trac Red Trackball

X-keys L-Trac Red Trackball

X-keys Feather Touch Switch

This highly responsive external button makes the perfect companion for your switch adapted or extended button model.

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The X-keys Feather Touch Button is a highly responsive, lightweight external switch made from black ABS plastic. This switch can be used on the X-keys L-Trac Trackball to create additional buttons. The Feather Touch can also be paired with any X-keys Switch Interfaces to give users another reliable switch option. With the switch life of 5,000,000 operations, the Feather Touch Button is built to last. The sleek, ergonomic design allows for easy use and requires little force to activate the switch.

  • Highly responsive
  • Lightweight
  • Long switch life
  • 3.5mm mono plug connector
Dimensions 3” x 1.35” x 1” (76mm x 34mm x 25mm)
Weight 0.1lbs
Actuation Force 1.2N (122g)
Switch Travel 0.3mm
Connector 3.5mm mono plug
Cord Length 3 feet
Package Contents 4 urethane feet & 4 – ½” x ½” multi-stick mounting squares
Voltage 6V
Current 1mA (DC)
Conductors Rated for Severe Duty
Certifications RoHS compliant

X-Keys Feather Touch Switch Spec Sheet PDF