Which MacroWorks Version Do I Want?

MacroWorks 3.1 supports all the features we offer on every device we currently sell (and some we no longer sell). It supports operating system specific features like launching applications and opening files and directories. Recommended for the single user or single workstation installations. MacroWorks 3.1 also supports Hardware Mode programming and allows software and hardware programmed keys to function on the same unit.

X-keys Basic Setup supports Hardware Mode programming on all X-keys devices we currently sell. An X-keys in Hardware Mode emulates a Keyboard, Mouse, or Game Controller. Macros are stored in the X-keys memory so the X-keys may be freely moved from computer to computer, regardless of operating system, without the requirement of installing additional software.

MacroWorks 3.1

X-keys Basic Setup

Recommended for most consumers,  single station end users, and power users.

Recommended for OEMs and system implementers.

A runtime application – monitors X-keys for messages and translates them into actions.

Writes programming into X-keys memory. 

Supports all features available including custom scripting and application sensitive programming. Also supports Hardware Mode programming.

Emulates USB HID Keyboard, mouse, or game controller.

Controls backlighting levels or individual backlight toggling through custom scripting.

Simple interface for backlight settings including master level and individual key on/off setting.

Supports launching applications and opening local and network directories, files, and URLs.

Supports sequencing of keys, key combinations, and keyboard-mouse combinations.

Capable of inserting large blocks of text and Unicode.  Supports multimedia commands in both software and hardware modes.

Supports hardware based Unicode for non-standard characters (supported in many popular applications) and multimedia keys on most X-keys.

Script based programming is saved on the end user’s PC. Memory for text and macros limited only by memory capacity of PC.

EEPROM stored memory.  Minimum 900 characters per unit.  Check unit specs for memory capacity.

  • All XK series X-keys
  • All MWII series X-keys
  • All SE series X-keys (Software mode only)

Supports XK series X-keys only