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USB HID to RS232 Adapter


This adapter converts serial data to USB HID data and vis-versa.

  • No COM port required or used
  • USB type A connection to PC or power source
  • DB9 standard RS232 connection to serial device
  • 6 x 2 switch ports (up to 12 switches) for switch input to trigger serial messages
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The X-comm USB HID to RS232 Adapter offers significant advantages over simple USB serial adapters. The X-comm adapter eliminates the need for a virtual COM port by utilizing USB HID data supported by the P.I. Engineering SDK and programming software (both free downloads). Eliminating the COM port simplifies communication with the serial device allowing multiple applications to control the serial device and have simultaneous access to data reported by the device.

The X-comm USB HID adapter may also act as a stand-alone control device using up to 12 buttons to send memorized serial messages. Any standard 5v USB power supply can be used to power the X-comm adapter and the six 3.5mm TRS (stereo) ports can be split to support a total of 12 switches. Our X-keys Basic programming utility allows the user to test commands to the serial device and write them into the X-comm adapter’s on-board memory.

With the P.I. Engineering SDK, the X-comm adapter will accept USB HID commands from any application on the PC, convert them to serial messages, and send them to the attached device. Serial messages received from the device are converted to USB HID data and readily accessible to all applications on the PC.

The X-comm adapter supports all standard RS232 serial data structures. Knowledge of the serial device's data structure is required.