Case Studies

Case Studies for X-keys®

Counting Cars's CountPad2

The CountPad2 provides intuitive reliable input for tabulating traffic data with CountingCars COUNTpro software. and P. I. Engineering collaborated to make the CountPad2 from stock and customized elements.


High Resolution Systems UDC 400

High Resolution Engineering is the premier company for engineering expertise and provider of the most high end Spyder display technology and systems. They now have a fleet of rental packages provided to their preferred customers and qualified engineers for top service and support.



Omnitec created a interactive game for Pure Michigan using X-keys real time event triggering.


SoniClear Digital Recording Systems

Replace cassette and dictation-type recorders using a Windows computer and SoniClear digital recording software. SoniClear is easy to use, just like a tape recorder, while giving you the speed and convenience of powerful productivity features.