Case Study for X-keys

High Resolution Systems UDC 400

UDC 400

"Within an hour we successfully integrated..." - Dan Renne

The Universal Device Controller (UDC) developed by High Resolution Systems features a tight integration with the X-keys based UDC 400, as well as the X-keys XK-24. The UDC controls all indicator LEDs and key backlighting while receiving all key states from multiple units. High Resolution clients rely on the UDC to give them real time critical control of multiple media systems for live presentations.

Dan Renee

“The SDK supported all the required features that we intended to use with our UDC 400 controller. P.I. Engineering provided complete documentation and a sample solution that helped us control and receive data. Within an hour we successfully integrated for our first trade show.”

- Dan Renne, Software Architect, High Resolution Systems