Omnitec's Pure Michigan Game

Omnitect XK-24

“Using off the shelf X-keys let us turn this project in a tight time frame with minimal development expenses.”

– Bob Campbell, Omnitec Project Engineer

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Omnitec's Cool Trade Show Booth in Action

The Command Center Featuring X-keys

Omnitec Control

A prime example of X-keys real time event triggering. Dedicated keys and buttons allow the operator to focus on interacting with game participants instead of worrying about software.

The operator manning the booth uses an X-keys XK-24 and three Big Buddy Buttons connected to our USB 12 Switch Interface to run the game. The QWERTY keyboard is used to enter contestants names for the scoreboard.

A Switch is a Switch

USB 12 Switch Interface

Omnitec uses a simple electric fan to levitate a beach ball so the participant can whack it. Eighteen targets wired to two of our USB 12 Switch Interface units close switches when the the ball strikes them. The USB 12 Switch Interface turns those switch closures into USB messages sent to the game program.

The game tabulates the score as a timer counts down. Names are entered and high scores displayed on a leader board to boost the competition.

Omnitec Booth

On a desk, a wall, or even in a giant pinball machine, a switch is a switch and can trigger any action or command. Our USB 12 Switch Interface provides a simple, off the shelf connection between any contact closure and any computer.

The Switch Interface can send simple keystrokes or key combinations, games controller or multi-media commands, or a proprietary USB HID input report any developer can use to monitor the switches. Our free SDKs and code samples support implementation in Windows, Linux, Android, or any systems accepting USB HID input.


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