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Mac OS X SDK for X-keys

Mac OS X

This Software Development Kit (SDK) is in the form of an Xcode workspace with two projects: one for the viewer application, and one for the Xkeys framework. The framework serves as the interface to the hardware, and would be the part that is included in a host application. The viewer application is basically a sample implementation and a means to exercise the framework.


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Compatible with XK-24, XKE-124 T-bar, XK-80, XK-60, XK-16/8/4 Stick, XKE-128, XK-3 Foot Pedal, USB 3 Switch Interface, USB 12 Switch Interface, XK-68 Jog Shuttle, XK-68-Joystick, XK-12 Jog Shuttle, XK-12 Joystick, Matrix Encoder Board, XKR-32 Rack Mount, XD-15 Wire Interface, XK-16 LCD, XKE-64 Jog T-bar