Simple Signage Windows App

Simple Signage

  • Easily create a digital signage display using a Windows based P.C.
  • Works with any web page or HTML file
  • Fully compatible with WordPress sites

Easily set up a sequence of pages with full control of timing, positioning, and zoom level. Simple Signage for Windows (Beta) can display pages from multiple websites or from local directories.

Download Simple Signage for Windows (Beta) here

Duration Feature

Simple Signage for Windows (Beta) specifies the duration of display for each individual page. Pages with lists or a lot of information can have a longer duration than pages with just titles or images.

Zoom and Position Features

Zoom in to display a specific region of a page and position the displayed region exactly where you want it in the monitor. Set this for each page individually.

Refresh Rate Feature

Simple Signage for Windows (Beta) allows you to specify how often pages update or even specify a time of day for all pages to automatically get an update.


By default, JavaScript is disabled to speed the loading of pages which don't need it. It can be enabled when required.

Create an Interactive Display with X-keys

Create an interactive display by adding an X-keys USB control device with clearly labeled keys, buttons, or foot switches ( ). Use X-keys to instantly jump to any page, stop and start the page sequencing, or trigger music or sound effects.


Compatible with Windows (XP or newer)

Internet connection (not required for local files)