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X-keys and ControllerMate

X-keys and ControllerMate have enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship, but, for a number of reasons, ControllerMate is no longer being supported. While we are actively looking for alternatives X-keys owners can use our USB keyboard and mouse emulation features in hardware mode. Setup and programming will need to be performed on a PC with our MacroWorks or X-keys Basic applications, but then the X-keys can be transferred to a Mac and it will reliably reproduce USB keyboard and/or mouse commands.

X-keys Programming Software for Mac OS X

Download ControllerMate for X-keys by OrderedBytes


System Requirements

  • ControllerMate for X-keys v4.11.1 is compatible with macOS 10.13 High Sierra and macOS 10.14 Mojave

Upgrading to Full Version of ControllerMate

The full version of ControllerMate supports devices from a variety of manufacturers and your payment supports our partners at OrderedBytes. ControllerMate v4.11.1 now features building blocks that generate and respond to MIDI messages.

Purchase a full version of ControllerMate from the ControllerMate download page.

If the full version of ControllerMate is installed after using ControllerMate for X–keys, all user programming will remain intact but will be limited in functionality unless a registration key is entered.

ControllerMate Tutorials

A Tour of ControllerMate

  • Here we give you a quick look around with brief explanations of the different windows and functions available in ControllerMate.

Programming Keyboard Shortcuts

  • A how to look at navigating through ControllerMate and programming keyboard shortcuts.

Using Multiple Programming Pages

  • Here we show you how to utilize the multiple "layers" of programming.

ControllerMate Support

Support for ControllerMate can be found in a few areas on orderedbytes.com