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Keyboard Maestro

Keyboard Maestro

Keyboard Mastro includes support for all of X-keys programmable keyboards. The joysticks, T-bar, Jog & Shuttle as well as some KVM models are excluded. Keyboard Maestro cannot control our LED’s either, however, users can change the LEDs on a Windows computer in Hardware mode.  

Download Keyboard Maestro here.



Controllermate is not compatible with the Catalina and newer OS updates, older OS versions should not be affected.

Download ControllerMate here.


MacroWorks 3.1 and Hardware Mode

Download and install MacroWorks on a PC (or in a drive partitioning app like Boot Camp running Windows Vista or newer). When launching MacroWorks, select Hardware Mode programming. This will store keystrokes and/or mouse macros in the memory of the X-keys. After programming and writing the macros into the X-keys, move it to the Mac for operation (or reboot your system out of Boot Camp). NOTE: special keys like F13-F24 can be found under the Functions tab when programming a key and may be used in combination with modifier keys to avoid conflicts with default keyboard shortcuts.

Download MacroWorks here: MacroWorks 3.1