X-keys Mac

X-keys® ControllerMate

Controllermate is not compatible with the Catalina OS update, older OS version should not be affected.


X-keys and ControllerMate

X-keys and ControllerMate have enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship, but, for a number of reasons, ControllerMate is no longer being supported. While we are actively looking for alternatives X-keys owners can use our USB keyboard and mouse emulation features in hardware mode. Setup and programming will need to be performed on a PC with our MacroWorks or X-keys Basic applications, but then the X-keys can be transferred to a Mac and it will reliably reproduce USB keyboard and/or mouse commands.

MacroWorks 3.1 and Hardware Mode

Download and install MacroWorks on a PC (or in a drive partitioning app like Boot Camp running Windows Vista or newer). When launching MacroWorks, select Hardware Mode programming. This will store keystrokes and/or mouse macros in the memory of the X-keys. After programming and writing the macros into the X-keys, move it to the Mac for operation (or reboot your system out of Boot Camp). NOTE: special keys like F13-F24 can be found under the Functions tab when programming a key and may be used in combination with modifier keys to avoid conflicts with default keyboard shortcuts.

Download MacroWorks here: MacroWorks 3.1