Using Multiple Pages

Using Multiple Programming Pages in ControllerMate

Our Windows users are used to the Layer concept. On Mac, it doesn't work quite the same way, but you can still execute multiple "layers" of programming. This concept is called Pages in ControllerMate, and here's how you do it.

In the main ControllerMate Window, be sure that "Programming" is selected. Then, create two new pages by clicking the little green P icon near the bottom left corner of the main ControllerMate window.

Edit the first page (in the Inspector window) to be named Green Page. Page two, name Red Page. On each page you will need to drag a button from the Palette window. This works best if you use the same button on each page. For this tutorial, my examples use Button #1 on the XK-24.

Setting up the Green Page


The first thing to do is to make sure the Green Page is highlighted in order to add programming to it.

Second, take that Green Page text and click and drag it to the programming area. It will become a building block that can snap into place underneath the Button #1 block.

In the Inspector window edit the properties of the page block so that When turned ON: reads Disable target.

Then, grab the Red Page text and drag that to the programming area. It snaps right into place under the Green Page block. In the Inspector window, the properties should be edited so that When turned ON: reads Enable target.

And finally, the finishing touch: turning on the red LED. Go back to the Palette window (select Controllers and select your device if necessary). Scroll down the button list to the LED section and find the Red LED. This can be dragged over just like any other building block. It belongs right under the Red Page block.

Setting up the Red Page


Now, highlight the Red Page in order to add programming to it. Programming this page is going to be a lot like the first one, so we will speed up the explanation a bit.

Drag the Green Page text over and connect it to Button #1. Make sure the properties are set to Enable target.

Drag the Red Page text over and connect it to the previous block. Set the properties to Disable target.

Drag the Green LED over and drop it underneath the previous block.