Instant Solutions

Instant Custom Control Design Solutions

Complete your project with a professionally finished control panel


  • Complete turnkey solutions
  • Lead times as short as ten business days
  • Start-up quantities and minimum orders as low as ten units

CountingCars OEM XK-80 provides an excellent example incorporating all of these features.

Customize one of our standard designs by adding any of the following

Large keyLarge Key

BlockersKey blockers

Custom printed keysCustom printed keys or legends

Light Pipe BlockersCustom printed LED indicators

Counting Cars LogoPrivate labeling with your logo

Custom ProgrammingCustom programming

Encrypted IDUnique Encrypted ID to prevent unauthorized duplication

LockPassword protection to prevent unauthorized modification

Multiple input options


  • Keyboard, mouse, and joystick emulation with no software required
  • Custom scripting with included software
  • Complete integration with our free SDK

Live technical support on our SDK for developers and on our hardware for end users.

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