Dreamweaver XK-60


Dreamweaver Tools at Your Fingertips

By Miranda Gorte, Graphic Artist/Website Specialist, P. I. Engineering.

Dreamweaver is an essential tool in my everyday activities at P.I. My X-keys Xk-60 keeps the tools and features that I use most ready at the touch of a button. No more remembering keyboard shortcuts, or searching the computer screen to find the needed tool!

I grouped the keys together by category in how frequently I use them as well as their relevance to each other. The bottom three groups are my most used keys. One thing that I love about using X-keys, is that I am not stuck using the initial layout I create. You can move, regroup, remove, or add tools you need.

Here you can find a list of all the shortcuts for Dreamweaver. All of the ones I used and some that are useful, but didn't make the cut on my XK-60.

My Dreamweaver Layout

Top Row

Launch Dreamweaver, Save, Save As, Fancy box, Fancy box script, Switch between Code and Design view, Registered Trademark Symbol, Trademark Symbol, www.xkeys.com homepage

Dreamweaver Legends Layout for XK-60

2nd Row

Get Dependent Files, Put, Refresh, Close, Full Price Code, Price Code Description, Price Code Add to Cart, Canonical Tag, Reference to a Specific Tab Using a URL, Reference to a Specific Tab Using a Anchor

Left Bank

Insert Link, Remove Link, Copy, Paste, Cut, Delete, Alt, Control

This left bank of keys are among my most used keys. It's very convienent when editing a document to be able to use these keys for selecting or rearranging without having to move to the keyboard.

Center 20 Keys

Insert a non-breaking space, Line Break, Insert Image, Insert Table, Move to start of line, Move to end of line, Move to top of the file, Find, Undo, Redo, Align object left, Alrign object right, Enter, Files, Arrow Up, Insert Anchor, Shift, Arrow Left, Arrow Down, Arrow Right

Right Bank

H1 formatted text, H2 formatted text, H3 formatted text, Paragraphed formatted text, Align text left, Align text right, Align text centered, Text indent, Switch between open documents, ESC

Fair Warning

X-keys are extremely addicting, once you start using an X-keys with Dreamweaver, you won't want to give it up. I didn't believe it until I started, now I feel lost when I'm working on a different computer without it.

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