Flight Sim

Flight Simulation

From simply adding an X-keys Desktop under the monitor to emulate an F-16 ICP, to using the X-keys Matrix board for all the switches in a full blown cockpit, these guys have taken advantage of X-keys versatility and reliability to move one step closer to virtual reality in their flight simulations.

New X-keys Matrix Review in Computer Pilot Magazine

Cockpit Building Series

“The Matrix can be a daunting undertaking to an electronics beginner like I was. But it quickly turns into a fun adventure with big rewards at the end. It is great way to get a more useful and realistic cockpit. There is nothing like reaching for the switch instead of watching it being flipped on-screen. At only USD$59.99, I highly recommend it to any cockpit builder.”
- Matt Edwards


Computer Pilot Magazine

Read Matt's full review here: xkeys_comppilot.pdf

Visit: http://www.computerpilot.com/

Snake 122's Great X-keys Adventure

Cockpit Building Series

Cockpit Building Series

"I first learned about the X-keys Matrix Board from Flareless. I love my X-keys Matrix so much, that I wrote an article for the February 2006 issue of Computer Pilot Magazine on how others can use the X-keys Matrix Board to add switches to their own cockpits. It was a great adventure with big rewards at the end."
- Matt “Snake122” Edwards

X-keys Review in PC Pilot

Computer Pilot Magazine


“The extent to which this enhances the feeling that you're controlling an aircraft, instead of operating a computer, is surprising; doing away with the mouse, in particular, makes a significant difference.”
— Iain Dawson


Computer Pilot Magazine

Read Iain’s full review here: xkeyspcp28.pdf

Click here to visit http://www.pcpilot.net/


Flareless Goes X-keys

“For someone with a limited hardware background, the X-Keys Matrix allowed me to add some powerful features to my cockpit quickly and easily. It's really a great product.”
– Richard “Flareless” Sherkin

Thanks to Flareless for sharing these images from his custom cockpit.