X-keys for Live Production Software

XK-60 for Audio Recording

Audio Recording

Morgan Henry shares his X-keys XK-60 set up for Cubase that he uses to complete his professional recording studio for.

XK-24 for Audio Control

Audio Control and Mixing SAC Software

A real life example of an X-keys XK-24 controlling SAC software to mix a live band. Thanks to Tony Harvey from Head On Stamps.

JC Richardson

Audio and Sound Engineering

Their ability to replace complex and repetitive tasks with a single keystroke coupled with instant and intuitive reprogramming capability makes the X-keys an invaluable tool for the audio engineer. J.C. Richardson from Magick Lantern shares his installation of the X-keys Stick for Pro Tools and Chuck Moore of Firehouse Sound shows us how to harness the power of Nuendo with an X-keys.

Bruce Arnold

Audio Synthesis - SoundCollider Software

Bruce Arnold shares his X-keys XK-24 setup for controlling SAC (Software Audio Control) software to mix his band, Heads on Stamps, in rehearsals and live performances.

Virtual Pipe Organ

Virtual Pipe Organ

Jukka Laaksonen from Helsinki, Finland, sent up this article of his X-keys layout for his two-manuals and a full two-and-half-octave-pedal organ setup.

Virtual Pipe Organ

DJ Controls

From a simple transport control, to a fully functional cueing console, X-keys can make the live DJ and VJ look more professional and less like a computer jockey.

Logic Recording

Logic Remote Recording Controller

Barry Zito shares his home studio where he's record instruments into Logic Pro X and uses his X-keys XK-24 to get off of the mouse and screens and stay in a creative workflow.