Audio Engineering

Audio Engineering

Replacing complex and repetitive tasks with a single button makes X-keys an invaluable tool for the audio engineer.

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JC Richardson


"It feels almost barbaric when I have to work without it." - J.C. Richardson

With X-Keys in my current Pro Tools setup, it makes faster work of repetitive edits such as "Copy Selection and paste to the track below", which is a HUGE time saver when editing dialog.

I also now have "one button" access to all my most used Audio Suite plug ins: RX Denoiser, Spectral Repair, Vari-Fi, Gain, Normalize, Reverse, Pitch, etc... I can also add menu items that aren't in the current ICON soft keys section (video out PCIe for one, and scrolling options is another)... once you get used to having access to this with a touch of a button, it feels almost barbaric when I have to work without it.

From J.C. Richardson, C.A.S. of Magick Lantern in Atlanta