Logic Remote Recording

Logic Remote Recording Controller

Barry Zito

My name is Barry Zito and I have a home studio where I like to record myself playing various parts into Logic Pro X. Depending on the day that could be acoustic guitar, hardware synths, or MIDI keys/drums. I am a tactile type of person so using the Logic remote on the IPAD doesn't always suite me. This is why I chose the X-keys XK-24 to configure to my personal needs to recording in order to get off the mouse and screens and stay in a creative workflow.

NOTE: I was shooting for as close to a Pro Tools recording workflow I had to create one custom key command in Logic that I also use with the X-keys. This is "Record Repeat". If you are a Logic user you know that simply hitting "R" for RECORD will not always start your recording in the same place or with the pre-roll that you had initially. These factors can depend on whether you are punching in or using Cycle mode. With Record Repeat it doesn't matter what mode you are in or where you stop the recording, you will always start your next recording at the same bar/beat location and with your pre-roll(if desired).


    Bring up your key command window:
  • Assign key of choice to Record Repeat. (I use ESC).
  • Now make sure you use this command to assign to Record Repeat on the X-keys.

I thought long and hard about recording workflow when figuring out how I wanted the X-Keys to layout.

I placed marker numbers along the top. Usually 10 markers will be enough for an entire song. (Intro, Verse 1A, Verse 1B, Pre, Chorus etc).

After that I did Up and Down arrows to toggle tracks in case recording in parts quickly in the compositional phase.

    These are other commands that are necessary in my workflow.
  • SOLO-Need to hear my track isolated to ensure no errors
  • Click track
  • Pre-Roll
  • Cycle mode (For nailing that good take and not stopping in between)
  • Record Repeat
  • Record
  • Fwd/Bkwd 8 bars
  • Fwd/Bkwd 1 bar
  • Undo
  • Play/Stop


With the Cat 5 extension cable I can use my USB X-KEYS controller anywhere in the room. I can walk over to my synths, to the piano, or even into the vocal booth.

I feel this is a huge step in eliminating impediments to my workflow and want to thank X=Keys for making such a cool product!!

Take care,