Live Event Control

Live Event Control

X-keys and ATEM for Live Event Control


"The flexibility of the X-keys let me customize the control board to fit exactly what we wanted."
- Jon Munford, Broken Centrifuge Productions

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Broken Centrifuge Productions uses a combination of Black Magic ATEM, Caspar CG, and Black Magic HyperDeck, with Just Macros by Visual Information Systems Ltd.

ATEM XK-12 Jog & Shuttle

Jon setup our X-keys XKE-128 to control the ATEM switcher, the HyperDeck drives, and provide feedback using our Light Pipe Blockers. His layout combines a conventional video switcher with special features unique to his live production requirements.

Slow Motion Replay

Jon configured our XK-12 Jog & Shuttle to control HyperDeck for slow motion replay. In addition to cueing up clips with the jog wheel, the XK-12 will set playback speed, start, stop, and jump to previous or next clip. Watch the video for a live demonstration.

This early test of the Light Pipe blockers shows red, blue, and both LEDs on full. In the finished setup, messages from the devices via Just Macros will turn these indicators on, off, or blinking to indicate their status.

ATEM Light Pipes

Special thanks to John Bengsten not only for his Just Macros software, but for the ongoing support he provides via the Just Macros Forum

Test an X-keys XKE-128 or XK-12 Jog & Shuttle Today

Our 30 day, no questions asked return policy lets you evaluate an X-keys XKE-128 or X-keys XK-12 Jog & Shuttle risk free. If you are not impressed by its performance, return it for a full refund.