X-keys for ATEM

X-keys for ATEM


It is possible to control an ATEM video switcher with an X-keys and there are a few options depending on how much programming resources you have available.



Preset Master

The easiest, most user friendly option for non-programmers is PresetMaster. Our good friend TJ Thompson shows a step by step procedure for configuring PresetMaster to control an ATEM with an X-keys.

PresetMaster offers three options starting with a free trial version, upgrade to a license with limited support and minor updates for 279€, or get a lifetime license with free updates for 529€.



Another reliable option is a Powershell interface developed by Ian Morrish

From Ian’s site:

“V-ISE is a platform to provide automation of broadcast video systems using Windows PowerShell. Now that Windows 6 is open source and cross platform, I have to qualify this with “Requires MS Windows operating system”.

“Using PowerShell should be second nature to anyone who is an IT Windows administrator. For others it may be a steep learning curve, but the alternative is probably just as hard (learning Python, Node.JS or LUA etc.)”



Johan Nyman offers a NodeJS solution. “If you're into Javascript, it's pretty easy to do in NodeJS.”