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"A very cost effective solution. Far better than just using a standard keyboard."
- John Bengston, VIS


John Bengston of Visual Information Systems shares these terrific videos showcasing his ATEM JustMacros System software with our X-keys XK series devices. Visit the Justmacros website here: justmacros.tv

ATEM JustMacros with X-keys

A 15 minute video showing how the free ATEM JustMacros System works with X-Keys XK series products to produce a cost effective basic mixing surface. Best viewed full screen at 1080p.

    Version 2 of ATEM JustMacros is now available
  • Includes support for X-Keys XK-24, XK-12 Joystick, XK-80, and XK-60.
  • Includes CasparCG Renderer Support - Sample VIS Lower Super Template included in main software ZIP file.
  • Includes both pre2.8 version (unofficial SDK) and post 2.8 (official SDK+), so should work regardless of what firmware/software you have installed. (Still Windows Only - Apple/Linux UDP version in development).
  • Software available a: http://www.justmacros.tv/

ATEM JustMacros with X-keys Joystick

An 11 minute video showing how the free ATEM JustMacros System works with X-Keys XK-12 Joystick to control transitions and keys in ATEM. Best viewed full screen at 1080p.

    Version 2.1 of ATEM JustMacros is now available.
  • Includes proper support for firmware 3.1, and 3.1.1 and 3.2
  • Includes support for Lua Control of X-keys Back lights
  • Includes X-keys Joystick to ATEM Property mapping function
  • Includes CasparCG Layer Mixer controls.
  • Includes function to allow CasparCG to use a Decklink can as a producer.
  • Includes basic CasparCG ticker.
  • Software available at: http://www.justmacros.tv/

Find more information about this project here: ATEM User Forum

ATEM X-keys XK-80

ATEM X-keys XK-80

This X-keys XK-80 is an 80 button panel used to control ATEM AUX buses, Media Player playback and a load of CasparCG functions using the JustMacros System.

We will post more information here as the project progresses.

Get more information and read comments from the ATEM user forum here: www.atemuser.com

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