XK-24 and 4x6 Mounting Kit Bundle

XK-24 and 4x6 Mounting Kit Bundle

XK-12 Jog & Shuttle and 4x6 Mounting Kit Bundle

XK-12 Jog & Shuttle and 4x6 Mounting Kit Bundle

XK-12 Joystick and 4x6 Mounting Kit Bundle


Bundle your X-keys XK-12 Joystick with a mounting kit.

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The X-keys 4x6 Bracket is made of high-grade industrial polycarbonate. It comes pre-machined with holes to fit up to three Modular Hose™ mounts or a standard 75mm VESA mounting. Screws to mount an X-keys are included.

Specifications for X-keys XK-12 Joystick

Operating System Use: Any OS via USB HID | Programming: Windows XP through 10, Mac OS X 10.4 through 10.10 
Free Programming Software Windows: MacroWorks 3.1
Mac: ControllerMate for X-keys
Free Software Development Kits Windows (C++, C#, VB.NET) 
Linux (C++)
Android (Java)
Raw HID (any language/OS)
Emulation Modes HID keyboard, HID mouse, HID game controller
Joystick MDMTM precision 3 axis (twist for Z)
Switch Types Full-travel rubber dome, carbon on gold contacts, guaranteed for over 1 million operations
Number of Keys 12 single keys + programming button
Actuation Force Approx. 2.5 oz (72g) break-over, approx. 1.5 oz (42g) hold
Keycaps 0.625” (16mm) sq.; relegendable with Cherry MX compatible stem
Key Spacing 0.75" O.C.
Optional Keys 2X1, 1X2, 2X2, and 1x1 blocker
Backlighting 1 blue and 1 red addressable LED under each key
Connector Wired USB 3.0 standard “A” plug
Cord Length 118” (3m)
Dimensions 5.8” x 3.8” x 0.94” (147mm x 97mm x 24mm)
Weight 10 oz. (285 g)
USB Type USB 1.1 compatible through 3.0 Type-c with adapter
Power Source USB port, nominal voltage = 5 VDC
Current Draw NO backlight: 18 mA, Blue backlight full: 38 mA, Red backlight full: 57 mA, All backlights: 75 mA
Temperature Range -20 to 60 C
Memory Capacity Approximately 1,000 keystrokes or commands in onboard memory
Memory Type EEPROM, non-volatile memory (X-keys retains memory for over 200 years)
Environmental Rating IP 40, typical indoor office environment
Certifications FCC class B, CE, RoHS, WEEE compliant

XK-12 Joystick Spec Sheet PDF

FCC Class B Certification

CE Certification

RoHS Letter of Certification