Keycaps and Blockers

  • Tall, Wide and 2x2 Keys
  • Blockers
  • Colored keys
Key Legends

Key Legends

  • Blank legend sheets
  • Pre-printed legends sheets
  • Illustrator Templates
Keys and Legends

Custom Printed Legends and Keys

  • Printed paper squares
  • Pre-cut cardstock legends
  • Acrylic printed keys
  • Molded double-shot keycaps
Buttons and Switches

Buttons and Switches

  • The perfect button or switch for your project
  • Large and small round buttons
  • Plate switch
  • Trigger switch
  • Pendant switch
  • Knife switch
Foot Switches

Foot Switches

  • Connect multiple foot switches for your workstation
  • Powder coated aluminum pedal and case
  • Industrial versions with multiple guard options
  • Bundle with a switch interface and save $$$
X-keys Android App

Mounting Kits

  • Polycarbonate plates for small and large X-keys footprints
  • Stiff gooseneck arms for perfect positioning
  • Wall, desk, or flat surface fixed mounts
  • Rackmount adapter for X-keys Stick
X-keys Tilt Stand

Tilt Stands

  • Angles the X-keys for easy viewing and quick access
  • Options for 4x6 or 10x8 plastic case
X-keys SDK


  • Splitters for X-keys USB Switch Interface
  • Split our stereo or TRRS ports to multiple switches
Simple Signage

USB Extender

  • Extends all USB X-keys up to 150 feet
  • Uses CAT5 or CAT6 network cable
  • Compatible with all USB computers
  • No software required - Just plug it in, and it works.
X-keys Parts

Replacement Parts, Tools, and, Covers