X-keys® Mobile Device Support


X-keys USB keyboards, switches, pedals, and controls offer a number of options for sending input to mobile devices. We currently offer three products with specific features for mobile applications. Use our X-keys Android app, a free download on Google Play ( ) to program a range of commands emulating touch, swipe, text, or multimedia commands.

    These standard X-keys have Android features already built in.

    In addition, all of our X-keys XK series devices can be configured as a USB Keyboard, Mouse or Game Controller (joystick). See more features and information below.

    Using USB HID

    • USB X-keys work on all devices supporting USB HID
    • Programming and macros saved in onboard memory
    • Supports keyboard or game controller (joystick) with mouse and multimedia commands
    • X-keys Plus devices have multimedia and absolute mouse features

    All of our XK series X-keys can be configured as a USB keyboard, mouse, or game controller (joystick). The configuration and programming are done on a PC using our MacroWorks 3.1 software. Our X-keys Plus units (currently XK-24 Plus, XK-3 Plus, and USB 12 Switch Interface) may also be programmed with our X-keys Android app.

    X-keys Plus units have additional capabilities like our proprietary absolute mouse feature, and multimedia commands. The absolute mouse feature allows an X-keys button or foot pedal to perform a touch or swipe anywhere on the screen.

    A USB A to USB Mini adapter (inexpensive and commonly available) is required for most mobile devices and not all mobile devices accept USB input. Some mobile devices will require a powered USB hub as well to prevent the X-keys from drawing power from the device.

    Using a configuration with no keyboard endpoint preserves the functionality of the on-screen keyboard. If both on-screen and keyboard endpoint are required, many mobile devices have methods to accommodate this. Learn more here: On-screen Keyboards

    Learn more and download MacroWorks 3.1 here

    Learn more and download X-keys Android here

    Using X-keys Android

    • Allows X-keys to control any app
    • Programming and editing performed on the Android device
    • Programming stored in X-keys memory and travels with the X-keys
    • Easily set up multiple identical X-keys
    • Program touches, swipes and multimedia commands
    • Supports keyboard or game controller (joystick) with mouse and multimedia commands

    X-keys Android app reads and writes programming on X-keys Plus units. X-keys buttons and pedals can send keyboard commands, mouse actions, game controller controls, multimedia commands, and touches or swipes. Programming is stored in the X-keys on board memory and can easily be copied to multiple units.

    X-keys Plus units currently include XK-24 Android, XK-3 Android, and USB 12 Switch Interface. Many Android devices require a USB A to USB Mini adapter and not all Android devices support USB input.

    Learn more and download X-keys Android here

    Mobile Developer Resources

    • Integrate X-keys with your app
    • Use a communication channel independent of other input
    • No collision of programmed X-keys with Android standard features
    • Retain functionality of on-screen keyboard

    Method 1

    Use our X-keys Android app to set up all keys on the X-keys as game controller buttons with values 17 and higher. This prevents them from conflicting with keyboard, mouse, or game controller input from other input devices. Then incorporate a dispatchKeyEvent to "read" these buttons. This is easy on Android and, unlike Windows, you get the sending device so you know it is an X-keys sending the button event. See the free code samples: PIGameController and PIJoyKeys.

    Method 2

    Read and/or write X-keys USB HID data reports directly. This method will allow the developer complete control over the indicator and backlighting LEDs. See X-keys SDK for Android for free code samples for detecting and reading/writing the state of all controls and indicators.

    iOS Support

    We have successfully tested USB input to iOS via the USB Camera adapter. A powered hub must be placed between the X-keys and iOS device. The X-keys must be preprogrammed on an Android device or a PC.


    All standard USB keyboard input. The on-screen keyboard can be toggled by programming a multimedia Eject command (see below).


    • Play/Pause
    • Volume Up
    • Volume Down
    • Next Track
    • Previous Track
    • Home
    • Eject (toggles on-screen keyboard)

    At the time of this publication iOS does not support mouse or game controller input via USB.


    We have compiled a list of compatible devices that work with our Mobiles keyboards, switches and pedals.


    • Nexus 7
    • Samsung Galazy Tab 2
    • Dopo D7015
    • M6 Smart TV
    • iPad Mini - requires a camera adapter and powered USB hub and needs to be programmed on a PC or Android

    Not Working

    • Kindle
    • Nexus 4

    **If you don't see your device on listed above, it does not mean it will not work, it just means we have no tested it.

    Questions to ask:

    • Does my device support USB host/OTG?
    • Can the Device support keyboards or game pads connected to its USB port?
      • If the answer is yes to either of these questions, then the X-keys Mobile devices should work.
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