Y-mouse Sun Adapter

Y-mouse Sun Adapter

Y-mouse Y-key key Dual Keyboard Adapter

Y-mouse Y-key key Dual Keyboard Adapter

Y-mouse Dual Mouse Adapter

Connect any two standard PS/2 type pointing devices (mouse, track ball, glide pad, KVM output) to a single mouse port on your computer.

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Y-mouse Dual Mouse


  • Perfect for adding an alternative pointing device to relieve repetitive strain injury
  • Create a second input station for your computer
  • Hot-pluggable -- no need to shut down to attach or switch out mice, trackballs, glide pads or keyboards
  • RoHS compliant
  • Supports any OS that supports Human Interface Device Drivers. IE; Windows, Unix, Linux, and Mac.

The Y-mouse Dual Mouse Adapter for PS/2 is the fast, easy way to connect two pointing devices to single PS/2 port. It installs without opening your computer, using drivers already on your system. Just plug it in and go.

Operating System All systems compatible with PS/2 mice
Connectors Two 6 pin PS/2 sockets, one 6 pin PS/2 plug (mini DIN 6)
Dimensions 4" x 2.5" x .75", 100 mm x 63 mm x 20 mm without cord
Weight 2 oz., 60 grams
Power Consumption Less than 15 ma @ 5 vdc with 2 mice
Power Source Directly from PS/2 mouse port
Nominal Voltage 5 VDC
Software Special software not required
Drivers Uses default mouse driver
Certification FCC class B, CE, RoHS

Y-mouse Dual Mouse Spec Sheet PDF


None required. The Y-mouse adapter uses native USB HID drivers for mouse and keyboard which are part of your operating system. Any OS supporting HID USB will support the Y-mouse.

Applications Industries
Examples of the USB Y-mouse in use Examples of the Y-mouse working in studios, labs, homes, and offices in the real world
  • KVM
  • Update Legacy Pointing Device
  • Assistive Technology - use two PS/2 pointers in one port
  • Assistive Technology
  • Sun Server
  • Linux Server