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Who We Are

P.I. Engineering designs, manufactures, sells and supports computer input hardware including unique keyboards, controls, and adapters. With hundreds of thousands of our devices in studios, laboratories, offices, and homes world wide, we have established a reputation as a global leader in input solutions.

P.I. Engineering opened for business in 1993 with the Y-mouse Serial Dual Mouse Adapter. Y-mouse products evolved to keep pace with technology and, in 1997, we introduced the innovative X-keys devices. In 2002, we launched a new division, RailDriver, providing the first Desktop Train Cab Controller for Train Simulation Software.

While applications of our products range from common and obvious to adaptive and obscure, the relationship we establish with our customers sets us apart. We treat the one piece and the one thousand piece client with the same attention and respect.

How to contact us

Product Support Department

For technical questions or for help with installation or troubleshooting our products, please E-mail: tech@piengineering.com or call 1 (517) 655 - 5523 Ext. 19

Sales Department

To place an order or for questions regarding an order you have already placed, please E-mail: sales@piengineering.com or call 1 (517) 655 - 5523 Ext.18

Shipping Department

For tracking information or shipping related questions, please E-mail: shipping@piengineering.com or call 1 (517) 655 - 5523 Ext. 21 FAX: (517) 655- 4926

Shipping Address

P.I. Engineering
101 Innovation Parkway
Williamston, Michigan 48895-1663

Staff Mug Shots

Our overpaid web consultant tells us pictures reveal a lot about a company, helping to instill a feeling of trust as the public learns more about the individuals it communicates with over the phone or via E-mail. With this in mind, we present these mug shots from our corporate officers and department heads.

Client List

Clearly labeled keys, switches, and pedals make excellent accessible and reliable triggers for a wide range of applications. Here are just a few of the thousands of businesses and individuals using X-keys.

Antlers of Death

Halloween Party at P.I. Engineering office.

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