X-keys SDKs

Developer Resources for X-keys®

Programming and development should be fun. We offer these resources to make your work easier and more enjoyable. Click on a heading to go to the related page.


Windows SDK

  • All of our X-keys USB devices are capable of direct interaction with your application via Software Mode.
  • Our SDK is compatible with all currently shipping X-keys devices and includes examples for C#, C++, and .NET.
  • Our previous generation of firmware (SE) uses individual SDKs which include code examples in Visual Basic, C Builder, and Visual C. (see Legacy SDK)



  • Contact tech support at tech@xkeys.com or call 1 (517) 655 - 5523 Ext. 19


Linux SDK

  • Open source Linux support for X-keys Pi3 generation devices including our X-keys XK-24, XK-12 Jog & Shuttle, XK-12 Joystick, and XK-3 Foot Pedals.
  • Reads all X-keys controls and key states and includes a simple, straightforward GUI.
  • Written by Linux HID expert Alan Ott.


Android Samples

  • Here you will find applications (with full source code) that we have created. Check back regularly; more will be added as we further consider the Android platform.

HID Data Reports

HID Data Reports

  • HID Data Reports are USB messages used to communicate with X-keys
  • X-keys sends and receives reports on the HID Consumer Page



    X-keys are normally used in one of 3 ways:
  • Hardware Mode
  • Software Mode with MacroWorks Software
  • Software Mode with a Custom Application

Case Studies

Case Studies

  • Developers who have used our SDK and resources to add X-keys input to their software