USB HD15 Wire Interface

USB HD15 Wire Interface

6 Button Pendant Switch

6 Button Pendant Switch

4 Button Pendant Switch


Rugged industrial buttons to trigger any action on a computer. Perfect for CNC router, machine control on any computer-driven process, or any application where a remote pendant control makes an operator safer and more efficient.

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Pendant Switch Top


  • Tactile feel buttons
  • Positive click feedback even through gloves
  • 3mm holes for easy mounting
  • Uses standard 15 pin extension cable of any length
  • Compatible with our HD-15 USB Wire Interface
  • Low voltage switching for operator safety

Combining the rugged build of an industrial control pendant with the utility of a computer keyboard, the new X-keys pendant series is perfect for a light industrial or home workshop CNC control. Ideal for any application where it’s best to keep the computer well away from the working area, and you just need a few buttons to start and stop an operation or make minor adjustments. This pendant uses signal level voltage; the operator will never be exposed to potentially dangerous electricity.

These pendants connect to our X-keys HD15 USB Wire Interface with a standard HD15 extension cable of any length and can send commands to any application controlled by a computer or tablet. Add foot switches or buttons to the HD15 to complete the control layout for your workstation. Programming ranges from simple keystrokes or macro key combinations to full integration with our free software development kits.


4 Button Wire Interface Bundle

Get the HD15 Wire Interface bundled with the Four Button Pendant and one HD15 cable

6 Button Wire Interface Bundle

Get the HD15 Wire Interface bundled with the Six Button Pendant and one HD15 cable

8 Button Wire Interface Bundle

Get the HD15 Wire Interface bundled with the Eight Button Pendant and one HD15 cable
Dimensions 2"(50mm) high x 2.7"(68mm) wide
Length 4 Button: 7.9"(20cm)
6 Button: 10.2"(26cm)
8 Button: 12.6"(32cm)
Weight 4 Button: 0.6lb (272g)
6 Button: 0.75lb (340g)
8 Button: 0.95lb (431g)
Actuation Force Approx. 27oz (770g)
Connector Type HD15 female
Mounting 0.15" (3mm) dia hole in molded enclosure
Voltage Less than 32-volts
Current Less than 1-Amp
RoHS Compliant

Pendant Switches Spec Sheet PDF

Programs Industries

X-keys Pendants can control any computer-based application. Here are a few examples.

Examples of X-keys working in shops, warehouses, and fulfillment centers in the real world

  • CNC Milling Control
  • Packaging fill control
  • Packing order fulfillment
  • Service bump bar
  • Home based CNC milling operation
  • Light industrial machine control
  • Light industrial CNC control