L-Trac Black Trackball

L-Trac Black Trackball

L-Trac Red Trackball

L-Trac Red Trackball

L-Trac Blue Trackball


The ultimate substitute for the traditional desktop mouse. High resolution USB Laser Trackball, with 3 buttons, a free spinning scroll wheel and heavy solid blue ball. Supports two external switches to allow further customization of your cursor control.

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The X-keys L-Trac Trackball contains a large, high-density trackball inside ergonomically designed enclosure. Fits the contour of the hand and does not require movement of your arm or wrist from side to side. The trackball accommodates left and right-handers as well as hands of all sizes. The easy to use trackballs are suited for those with disabilities and physical handicaps. The large, high-density trackball paired with the precision bearings deliver a "smooth-as-silk' feel and effortless control. The high performance laser tracking technology allows for accurately accelerated mouse movement across the screen

  • Contact-less laser tracking
  • Adjustable resolutions up to 1600 DPI
  • Large 2.25 inch ball (57 mm)
  • Smooth moving scroll wheel
  • Supports external switches, such as: Feather Touch Switch or a Foot Switch
Operating System Compatible with Windows XP through 10, Mac OS 9 and later and most versions of Linux 
Firmware TOG_USB18F
Emulation Mode HID Mouse
Switch Type Lite-touch micro switch
Actuation Force Approx. 71.4g
Number of Buttons Three
Connector Wired full speed USB
Cord Length 120" (approx. 3m)
Dimensions 6.75” x 3.75” x 1.75” | Height with Ball: 2.65” (172mm x 95mm x 44mm) (Height with Ball: 67mm)
Weight 1.03 lbs
Power Source USB port, nominal voltage = 5 vdc
Temperature Range -20 to 60 C
Environmental Rating IP 40, typical indoor office environment
Certifications FCC, CE, RoHS, WEEE compliant
Retail Packaging 9” x 5” x 4” corrugated box with 6” x 8” bubble bag

X-Keys L-Trac Blue Trackball Spec Sheet PDF

Sketchup 3D Model

We offer this Sketchup model as a 3D rendering of the X-keys Trackball for viewing or planning purposes. Dimensions and details of the model, while reasonably accurate, should not be used for critical specifications.

View or download this model in Sketchup 3D Warehouse.

Download a free copy of Sketchup or Sketchup Viewer here: www.sketchup.com

X-keys Trackballs work right out of the box, no software is required. If you wish to assign different functions to the buttons we recommend using X-Mouse Button Control.

The Trackball LED Utility allows the user to re-program the L-Trac LED under the ball.

How To Clean Your Trackball

Cleaning your trackball is a simple process that can help the performance when the motion of the ball or scroll wheel becomes hindered. It is common for debris, lotion, etc to be transferred from the ball to the rollers inside which affects the movement.