Pixar and X-keys

Pixar and X-keys


A friend of P.I. with some quick eyes spotted the X-keys controlling Dory on this Pixar workstation. Here’s a link to the full video. See if you can spot the X-keys at about the 1:25 mark.


Our X-keys Sticks add significant controls to the workstations at Pixar. See how many you can spot in this behind the scenes video for Inside Out

Pixar uses custom animation software built by their Studio Tools department and the keys on the X-keys are specific to the software. Any animator or artist can add an X-keys to their workstation and trigger macros for Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, or any other program that accepts keystrokes.

Inside Out


Programming software for Windows and Mac OS X is included. For other operating systems, the X-keys can be programmed on a PC. Keystrokes and key combinations can be written to X-keys memory and sent to any program on any OS accepting USB keyboard input.