X-keys for Central Control

X-keys for Central Control Live Production Software

Central Control X-keys

Take control of your show. Plug in a wide range of support X-Keys devices and then map controls to supported video switchers, media servers and audio mixers. With Central Control, one operator can take control of every aspect of a production – even remotely, whether on your local network or across the internet.

Key Features

Central Control X-keys

  • Lightning fast mapping of X-Keys to live production software.
  • Full support of analog controls such as T-Bars, Jog wheels and shuttle.
  • Every controller supports layering, allowing single controls to serve multiple purposes depending on the selected layer.
  • Layering capability to allowing a single to control to server multiple purposes based on the current layer
  • Control MULTIPLE devices with a single X-Keys
  • Enable automatic LED colour changes to reflect state/change
  • Connect to support remote devices across the internet
  • Enable local control surfaces for use with cloud-based video production, such as vMix on Amazon AWS

Supported X-keys

The list of X-keys devices directly supported by Central Control will continue to grow. We have confirmed with Central Control the following X-keys devices are supported.

Central Control X-keys

Supported Devices