XK-80/XK-60 Backlight Mask

XK-80/XK-60 Backlight Mask

XK-80/XK-60 Backlight Mask

XKE-64 Jog T-bar Backlight Mask

XKE-128 Backlight Mask

Designed to help limit the bleed over of backlighting from key to key. The XK-128 Backlight Mask comes with two 10x8 paper masks and is compatible with our XKE-128, XK-124 T-bar, XK-80, and XK-60.

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X-keys backlighting LEDs were designed for exactly what their name implies, backlighting. The transparent ABS deck under our keys distributes light to provide an even glow behind all keys in a group. In applications where it is desirable to use the LEDs as an indicator and to limit the bleed over from key to key, this black paper mask blocks light from the underlying deck so light from under the individual keys is emphasized.

To install this mask, remove all of the keys from the X-keys device and place the mask over the key deck on the X-keys. You may need to cut out areas of the mask to accommodate controls such as our T-bar, Jog & Shuttle control, or joystick.

To install key blockers over the mask, first use a sharp pointed object like a ball point pen, or toothpick and punch a hole in the mask where the blocker post will penetrate.